Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Ben Willing To Help Fyfes

A thefyfes.blogspot.com exclusive. By Eddy Blaxell.

Team Fyfe are being linked with a move for out of favour AA2 midfielder Ben Willing.

Willing, who doubles as Lokomotiv Cove club president, is considering offers from both AA6 and AA5 (Team Talay) after spending the first five games warming the bench under AA2 coach "Coach Coates."

It has been rumoured that Willing is unhappy with what he sees as "untechnical Terry Butcher tactics" at the big-name Team Corica.

He sees AA6 manager James Morgan as a far more technical and tactical manager with a penchant for short passes.

According to a Team Fyfe insider, the tough-tackling midfielder is being seen as a like-for-like replacement for Team Fyfe captain and centre back, Ed Blaxell, who leaves for Japan on Sunday following the completion of his five game guest stint.

While some have linked Blaxell's sudden departure to his failure to write the match report following the fourteen goal draw with Pagewood at the weekend, the player himself confirmed Sunday's match was always intended to be his last.

Monday, 7 May 2007

Fyfes 1-2 Maccabi AA6 - 7 May 2007

By Shane Porter

It's hard to write a good report, since i spent a lot of time hanging around beneath the goal posts, but here is what i remember

At 2 minutes before kick off, was looking a bit worrying with only 8 Loko Cove players present. We were very glad of the arrival of 4 more at this point (with the pathetic excuse of "Isnt kickoff at 3.30?"). Although we only managed to get 10 on the field by kickoff, with the arrival of luke and lewis we eventually had a bench

Things started off great for Loko, with good pressure being applied to the Maccabi goal. Curren had an air-swipe at a cross, completely unmarked at the back post, which would have equaled his easy tap-in from the last game 2 weeks ago. A lot of missed shots later saw another chance fall to Curran at the 35th minute mark, with a slow looping header from one side of the goal actually hitting the back post. A lot of hard work was not rewarded, and Eddy Blaxell was again taken off with a head injury. Keeper had no real saves to make, just 2 crosses cut off. The Maccabi striker was constantly offside, and was only dangerous if the ref was not calling everything offside

The half time pep talk obviously did no good, as we conced 2 goals in 2 minutes early in the second half. Substitutions of our left sided players resulted in great confusion, and a rund fro the half way line by a maccabi player allowed him to get a shot on goal from within the box without a tackle being laid. Keeper was out but not enough time to react

A lot of shouting to find out why the left was unguarded resulted in nothing, as two minutes later the same maccabi player made another run down the left. This time he was under pressure, but got to the byline and got a cross to the edge of the six yard box, where an unmarked maccabi striker had an easy tap in.

Loko pressed again, and were rewarded within 5 minutes. Unfortunately it was too far away for me to see who it was, so someone else will have to supply that detail. This was one of the only shots on goal, as we had about 25 shots off target. Target practice is a neccessity for this team!

Loko goal was again threatened late in the game, with one reaction save leaving the keeper wondering "what the hell was that? a ball? where did it go? out? thank heavens for that! i saved it? brilliant!" A couple of through balls were smartly cut off by the keeper before a shot could be made, and corners were dealt with easily by the defenders (except for the 2 corners which went behind the goal)

The ref dissalowed a 3rd goal for Maccabi at the 80th minute, which would surely have sealed the game. Although the Loko players did call for the offside, a player on the far side may have kept him onside. However the goal proved enough for Maccabi, as Loko could not find a second goal

All in all, a very good performance, however striking practice in desperate need. We are very close to our first win.

And apologies for a little white lie i told to the team before the game (i told them the 5's and 8's had both won, leaving the 6's as the only team without a win)

Sunday, 29 April 2007

Team Fyfe Friendly Cancelled

This Sunday's friendly, which would have pitted the Fyfes against the not-so-mighty fives, has been cancelled.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Fyfes 2-7 Queens Park - 22 April 2007

By Eddy Blaxell

Disclaimer: I am told most of this report is bullshit. Apologies

As new signing Burak Akinci watched on, Team Fyfe put in a remarkably spirited display to win a hard-fought second half at Queens Park on Sunday.

It was a performance so great that it warrants a special one time only shortened match report.

From the outset, the Fyfes controlled the second half, though the pace and skill of the QP midfield, led by 16 and 17, always threatened.

After stand in keeper Shane had made the most of his ball magnet skills to thwart no fewer than three QP attacks, Fyfes got the breakthrough as (I can't really remember but this might have happened) Jasper was released to tuck the ball past the keeper and put Lokomotiv Cove ahead. (Actually Jasper didn't score, he was on the bench, but we can't remember who did - ed.)

The Fyfes then had to contend with some very poor refereeing, as Long "Eric" Chen tripped over the ball on the edge of the box but was not awarded his customary free kick.

Lewis provided constant entertainment; never before has a defender had such a lust for a challenge that once he wins the ball he feels compelled to give it back to the striker and start all over again.

That said, he was often popping up in the right place to make important clearances or win aerial challenges.

D'Arcy Blaxell was not quite up to his usual standards, the pressures of four straight days of football clearly having taken their toll.

Queens Park scored an equaliser, with a right-footed shot finding the goal. (That is more information than you'll ever get from a Michael Cockerill match report.) (In actual fact, QP scored first. Whatever. -ed.)

Quinn Savit made his debut and could have put the Fyfes back in front when he controlled and Dan's cross, but his shot from just inside the box could only find the keeper.

The Fyfes were attacking well down the right, and minutes later a deep cross from Ed Blaxell found Curran who volleyed over the bar from 20 yards.

Chen and Jasper were frequently pushed off the ball by the stronger Queens Park defence, but when Jasper did find his way through his habit of taking twelve touches to get the ball on his left foot proved his downfall.

Gordo was looking good on the left, and should have been in with yet another chance to take the lead, but right back Ed Blaxell, caught suspiciously out of position on the left of midfield, could only find the sideline with an attempted through ball following some neat passing from Curran.

The Fyfes impressed with no less than four one-twos, moves that most certainly would have had Sydney High coach Mr Gifford in raptures if he ever decided to watch a football game and not the Cronulla Sharks.

Hibbert's biggest contribution to this game was dragging his parents along; Mr and Mrs Hibbert proving the catalyst for one of the best halves in Fyfes history.

Leigh and Tommo from AA8 and "AA8" were on hand to boost the bench to a record 18, however they were gone before the half got underway, perhaps sent home by the manager, or perhaps running away after listening to the manager.

Either way, the experience was reminiscent of Pierre Littbarski and Terry Butcher's experiences, the two leaving their clubs to join a newly formed and high-profile football side, only to be left disappointed.

Jacko was injured, or just didn't want to take the field. Either way, who could blame him? (Out for four weeks -ed.)

Burkey was his usual solid self, in full flight with his slow-motion version of the Adam Casey kick-the-ball-into-the-other-guy-and-somehow-always-get-it-back routine.

Rory was Rory, Marcus was Marcus, Luke was Luke, and co-manager Michael Blaxell was absent with the sailing bug.

Late in the second half, Dan's corner drifted in from the right, floated over everyone, and was tapped in by Hammertime Curran for the 2-1 victory.

Despite the result, doubts remain over the long-term security of Morgan's position as manager, after him and Curran were seen exchanging words before the second half.

He did however wear his trenchcoat.

POST SCRIPT: Post-game entertainment: Watching Tolgay Ozbey get sent off was really humorous, and in a shock move, the Fyfes are reportedly chasing Blacktown star Gabriel "Chi Chi" Mendez for a four-game guest stint.

Friday, 20 April 2007

Finally, And With Much Fanfare...

thefyfes.blogspot.com are proud to release the first official photos from Team Fyfe manager Michael Blaxell's wedding last Sunday.

Blaxell married Carolyn Penfold at a lavish ceremony at Vaucluse yacht club, and the couple have already produced a remarkable three sons.

It is believed a condition of the wedding was Carolyn vowing to support Michael's footballing obsessions, while he reciprocated with a promise to (occasionally) walk the dog.

Thankfully, Blaxell resisted the temptation to dress in his Lotto cycling jersey, instead donning what fashion experts have termed "a unique creation suited to this unique individual."

While Team Fyfe captain Eddy Blaxell was in attendance as one of three "goonsmen," there was no question who was the captain on the day.

Carolyn was more approriately dressed in a white dress which "could pass, at a pinch, as a wedding dress."

In a longwinded and corny speech, Carolyn quashed suggestions that the dress was the reason behind the marriage: "I would love to say that we're getting married because I found this beautiful dress, but the truth is that we love each other, and that's why we're getting married."

Without further ado, here are the photos you've all been waiting for (click to enlarge):

Captain Blaxell prepares for the big day

The bride and bridesmaids arrive by boat.

The groom's brother entertains the wedding party with a reading from Voyaging With The Wind

The wedding party pose for photos

The first child grew up fast

The newly-out-of-sin couple enjoy the entertainment

Happily married at last

Thursday, 19 April 2007

Savit To Make Long Awaited Debut

In a massive boost for Team Fyfe, Quinn Savit has declared himself available for the first time this season.

The former Sydney High forward, who has been missing since the pre-season loss to Carrs Park due to work commitments, will likely start on the bench.

The Fyfes will be up against stern opposition in Queens Park, who kickstarted their campaign with a 2-0 win at Maccabi before having the bye in round two.

Team Fyfe captain Eddy Blaxell said the team would have to capitalise on Queens Park's lack of match fitness, the Waverley-based side having gone three weeks without a competitive match due to the easter weekend.

Blaxell said the Fyfes would have to get accustomed to overcoming "fresh" teams, due to a highly controversial draw which sees Lokomotiv Cove following the bye throughout the round robin stages.

Team Fyfe Chase Bakke?

By Eddy Blaxell

In a highly ambitious move, Team Fyfe have turned their chequebook in the direction of Lokomotiv Cove SW3's leading goalscorer, Gry Bakke.

Bakke, namesake of one-time Leeds United star Eirik, has scored a remarkable nine goals in two appearances this season and sits atop of both the goalscoring charts and the record books.

Team Fyfe scout Luke Conolly confirmed negotiations with Bakke had reached an "advanced stage," with bidding being carried out via an online auction in the Round 2 Match Reports thread.

However SW3 captain "bleep" denied the transfer rumours in a press release this morning:

"SW3 management will not be entering into any transfer negotiations at this time.

"The player in question is contracted to us and will be for the foreseeable future."

If signed, Bakke would become the Fyfes' second high-profile signing in a week, following that of Turkish midfielder Burak Akinci.